Inclusive education for children with disabilities in the relational perspective

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The reason of writing this book derives from the need to give a different perspective to the social dimension of inclusion of children with disability in education, in order to look at this social challenge called “inclusion” as a natural process of the social and human evolution and consequently to consider It as the most valuable way to respect a natural social and human dimension which is still, in some realities, seen as differentiation, as a category and not just as an important part of every society. Inclusion is a right, is a must of being part of any cultural evolute society and it mainly means to pay attention to everyone in every context of the life in the same way. But more than that inclusion cannot exists without everyone awareness of all the human life phases and the capability to look deeply into the human needs of relationship and the common need to be accepted and beloved.

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Stefano Cobello, Permanent teacher in Italy, M.A. degree in foreign languages and literature, Russian and English, PhD in sociology, coordinator of the network of schools in the European Pole of Knowledge.

Contract professor at: MPGU – Moscow Pedagogical State University

He has held more than 400 speeches in  conferences arount the world




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